Ink of Yam

Documentary Movie about Tattoos in Jerusalem

A bomb hits. The windows vibrate – and a few minutes later the needle continues to whiz.

In a city full of conflicts, diversity and beauty, two Russian tattoo artists have created a place without walls. A place that immortalizes the stories of the inhabitants of Jerusalem on the skin and thus connects all of them.

Looking through the tattoos on the stories of the people of jerusalem is a new experience and a unique insight into the sacred city.

75 min / FullHD / 5.1

Im Verleih bei:

JIP Film und Verleih




51. Internationale Hofer Filmtage – OFFICIAL SELECTION

Hessischer Filmpreis – BEST GRADUATION FILM 2017

Astra Film Festival – Winner DocSchool Competition


Moscow Jewish Film Festival –  OFFICIAL SELECTION

Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International –  OFFICIAL SELECTION

Jerusalem Jewish Filmfestival – OFFICIAL SELECTION

Red Rock Film Festival Utah – OFFICIAL SELECTION

Firenze Film Festival – Best foreign documentary

Tallahassee Film Festival – OFFICIAL SELECTION

Jewish Motifs Warsaw – OFFICIAL SELECTION

Sose International Film Festival – OFFICIAL SELECTION

3. Jüdische Filmtage Fürth – OFFICIAL SELECTION

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2018

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